V.U.G.S. Carrière


A world of GEO-information

Geo-information belongs to all of us. Mapping out underground cables and pipelines online, looking for the closest shop on the Internet, localising equipment, shaping and directing new spatial developments: without spatial information we will get nowhere.

There is a continually growing demand for geo-products and services, but also for substantive analysis of geo-information for planning purposes. And therefore the need for people who are familiar with the world of geo-information: the Geodan specialists.

Since 1985, Geodan has grown into one of the leading geo-ICT companies in our country. We specialise in the provision of spatial information and are experienced in applying new, innovative technologies. Every day, and in several countries, we support our customers in various (complex) geo-information issues by providing advice, interim management, bespoke GIS solutions, geographic data, Internet solutions and education.